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24 Pink Pearl Ombre French mani white tip coffin Long press on nails glue on classic manicure

24 Pink Pearl Ombre French mani white tip coffin Long press on nails glue on classic manicure

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24 Pink Pearl Ombre French mani white tip coffin Long press on nails glue on classic manicure.


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All nail kits include:
24 nails sizes 0-9, file, glue AND sticky pads!

Pierce the center of glue bottle tip with pin or snip with scissors to open. Long press on nails are affordable, trendy, fashionable, and easy to wear. The DIY trend has been around for decades now. They can help you to cut back on your nail spending. Most people that use press-on nails don’t set foot in a nail salon for months. However, with the right glam finish, you will think they have spent a fortune to get their nails done. Interestingly, it does not take long to master the act!   Do Press-On Nails Have Any Benefits? Long press on nails have a myriad of benefits over acrylic nails— part of the reason why they are becoming increasingly popular..  They are highly affordable. The price for a set can range from somewhere around $9 at to about $30. Once you’ve mastered the art, it only takes  a few minutes to prepare your natural nails and apply the artificial nails. Removal is  easier with press-ons versus acrylics, also less damaging to your nail beds!  The combination of low cost and variety makes it easier for you to flaunt multiple nail designs within a short period  Steps on How to Apply Press-On Nails The healthier your natural nails, the longer your press-on nails are likely to last. Therefore, it is important to rev up your hand hygiene. Everything you’ll need will be included in the kit. The kit will have nail glue, buffer, and nails. 1. Find your match  You need to take out the false nails from the nail set and size them up on your fingers to find the ones that fit for each fingernail. Line them up on the table or surface in front of you in such a way that you can easily tell which of the falsies is going to go for each finger.  2. Prepare your falsies  Apparently, some of the Kiss press on nails may not perfectly fit some of your fingers. When this happens, simply use your buffer and file them to shape. You can also use the buffer to get them to a desirable length. 3. Prepare your fingernails Preparing your fingernails involves washing them thoroughly and drying them on a clean towel. Get rid of any residual polish. Use a metal pusher to push back your cuticles. Follow this up with a cuticle nipper to clip any overhangs.  4. File your natural nail Most of the tutorials will tell you to buff the surface of the nail. This will create a slightly coarse surface that helps the false nail better adhere to your natural nails 5. Apply the glue and press on nail Lastly, make sure you apply the glue to both the nails and your finger. Once you place the falsie on your fingernail, press it down for 30 seconds to a minute so that it sticks properly. It is always a good idea to start with the pinkie and work your way up to the thumb. To remove- Soak in warm soapy water for 10 minutes or until glue weakens and gently pry them off. You can add acetone to the water to help dissolve the glue. Buyers are responsible for providing the correct address at time of payment

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